Psychic Surgery – Trance Healing – Spirit Release & Possession – Entity Removal

Jonno’s Background

Jonno has been working spiritually since 2004. Specialising in healing and attachment removal with his guide White Hawk, they have built an excellent reputation for healing and for helping people progress spiritually. His work can be carried out either remotely or face to face.


Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgery works on the inner etheric body, the energy within our physical being. Jonno and his guides work to remove negativity within the etheric body,
re-building and replacing with new positive energy bringing change to the mind, spiritual and physical body.

Trance Healing

Channelling his main guide “White Hawk” alongside his spirit team of surgeons, Jonno works in an altered state of consciousness/Trance.
This is a very powerful form of healing where the healing guides work directly on the recipient using Jonno purely as a channel.

IPHM Certified

Jonno is one of the only certified Psychic Surgeons and Trance Healers under the board of the “International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine”. He is also a certified STR Practitioner and works closely with Dr Terence Palmer, who is arguably the UK’s leading Spirit Release Therapy research scientist.

Spirit Release/Possession

Spirit Release Therapy (SRT) is a form of clinical treatment which is sometimes used with patients who appear to have been ‘possessed’ by a harmful spirit/ entity, and who have not responded to conventional psychotherapy or any sort of psychiatric healing methods.


As a certified IPHM teacher of Trance, Trance Healing and Psychic Surgery Jonno offers training from introduction workshops to accredited courses. He runs all his workshops to help the individual achieve and to further their understanding in personal development. His workshops are always relaxed, informative and fun.

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Psychic Attack

Psychic Attack – Hearing Voices – Spiritual Attachments – Spirit Release – Spiritual HELP

Client Testimonials

I booked a healing session as I knew it would make me relax and help lift my mood. I did not expect to come away minus the pain in my neck which has been present for the last 28yrs.


I feel completely different! I dont have those messed up voices telling me to do bad things to others and myself. Just feel great!


I saw Jonno at a demonstration of trance and I was blown away and knew this was my next spiritual journey. He has a great gift! His insight and interpretation through his teaching is mesmerising. 



Please note that I am not medically trained, and I do not perform the healing myself. All healing is conducted with my spirit team working through my physical body and I purely act as a channel. Like everything in life there is no guarantee, we offer a complementary system to prescribed medication and an alternative for when that doesn’t work. For anyone thinking of healing, it is always advisable that you consult your doctor.