My story 
so far… 

I had never really understood about anything spiritual, and I described myself as a sceptic believer. I believed it in a way, as there seemed to be too many “normal” people that had experienced spiritual phenomena, but equally I hadn’t witnessed anything myself.
My son as a toddler had always woken from sleep just after midnight, every single night and he struggled to go back to sleep again unless either myself or his mother, removed him from his room. I had it explained to me that as he was a ventouse birth this would knock out his sleeping pattern for around two years. I now had an explanation that was completely plausible.

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Guides & Developments

I began my healing journey by learning Usui Reiki. I immediately loved Reiki and progressed to become a Reiki Master/Teacher with the UK Reiki Federation in 2006. During my development I’d sit on the sofa and meditate. I’d choose the music file on my PC that had my Reiki music. I’d sit, relax and close my eyes. Then a few seconds in to my meditation my music would stop and then the drumming of another file would play. The drumming was an introduction to a Native American music file I had. I wasn’t really into Native Americans, respected their culture yes, of course. But This is not what I wanted so I’d bring myself back from my meditation and change the music back to the Reiki music file. Resettling myself into my meditation. After a few more moments the music would again change back to the drumming of the Native Americans.

This happened a number of times over a number of weeks until eventually I gave in. The next time the drumming started, I just continued my meditation. It was then that I experienced something quite special! I felt a huge, powerful energy around and within me and I was guided through the most amazing journeys. I learned about trust, I met my guide and I flew with Eagles. My guide is a shaman healer from the north American plains. About half my size in reality, but in energy he doubles everything I have, and more. His name is White Hawk.
I have been working with White Hawk since 2006. He is my main teacher/healing guide and it is in his honour that I have the hawk in my logo.

Together we work in trance conditions offering Psychic Surgery and Trance Healing.
I am honoured to work with White Hawk as well as my other surgeon guides. The “team” often change as we progress and evolve, but not White Hawk. I know that we will be working together for a very long time.
My role within the healing sessions is purely to work as a channel for the guides to connect and work for the highest good of the recipient.

White Hawk also works with me in guided meditations. He can alter the direction of the meditation I’m giving and draws close, and often the group can hear his voice channel through me. We now have guided meditations recorded where he comes through, taking the listener on wonderful guided journeys.
I am very privileged to be one of the only certified teachers in the UK that specialises in Trance, Trance Healing and Psychic Surgery.

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