A while later we replaced him from that room with my baby daughter and my son began to sleep through the night. However, as our daughter grew so she began to wake and scream until we removed her from that room, again being woken just after midnight. She too was a ventous birth, surely she was just following a similar sleep pattern.
I would also sleep in that room when the children were ill and whenever I did, I would dream of a black dog, snarling and foaming at the mouth whilst chasing my children. I would manage to swoop them up just before the dog bit into them…..and I would wake.

It was in October 2004 that I bought crystals in the hope that they would help my daughter sleep. Just a few days later, at around 12:30am my daughter said that the girl in her room scares her. WHAAAAAAT! This has nothing to do with birthing tools and sleeping patterns, now what?! In the morning my daughter spoke some more of this girl in her room. She described her age and what she looked like. Then she described the black scary dog that wants to bite her. Now I knew this had to be taken seriously due to the dreams that I had.

After work that day I walked into my empty home, it was dark and I left a trail of lights as I walked upstairs to grab a quick shower. I walked into the bathroom, I pulled on the chord to turn the light on, at the same time asking, “are there any spirits here?” At EXACTLY that moment, the lights in the rest of the house went out and the electric was tripped! Within a total of thirty seconds I had dressed, collected up my duvet and pillows and I was in my camper on the drive. There I stayed all night wondering what was going on.

The next day my sister Andrea came over with her crystal pendulum. She told me there was a little girl that visited the house who needed help to go back into the light. I hadn’t disclosed any information, but Andrea described her exactly as my daughter did. Coincidence? I drove back to the crystal shop and explained that I needed bigger crystals, the shop owner just offered me a cup of tea instead. After hearing my story, she said it’s a medium I needed, not bigger crystals! I was given the name of Wendy and a phone number.

Nervously I called Wendy and explained what was happening and asked if she could help. Wendy immediately made me at ease and proceeded to give me evidence of passed family members. Then she explained that there was a lovely little girl who visits and she needs help to go into the light. Wendy also described her, exactly as Andrea and my daughter had. I asked Wendy what the connection was, is it the house or the children? “No, my darling”, she replied. “The connection’s you!”. It was now down to me to help the little girl as she had chosen me to help her.
The following day, my sister came over and we started our ritual. It went exactly how Wendy said it would, and I felt comfortable the moment we started. All my nerves and anxiety about what we were doing just left me. I was told that the little girl saw how I played with my children and I reminded her of her own father. I had blown up some balloons and scattered them around the floor. I asked her to join us and play with us, and after a few minutes I explained that it was time for her to journey back to the light. As we spoke to her a candle flame responded in answer and we also heard taps on the TV.

After a short time, we had confirmation that she had journeyed into the light and all in the house became quiet. That night, for the first time in four years both my children slept through.
The following day was Halloween. The house felt lighter and my daughter confirmed over breakfast that the girl had “gone home”. All was well. 

That night, just gone midnight I woke again to my daughter screaming hysterically. I cuddled her trying to calm her as she lay in my bed next to me, she just buried her head into my shoulder not looking up and it took me a while to calm her. This wasn’t meant to happen.

We were meant to be okay….now what! Then I saw THE brightest of lights I have ever witnessed just outside of the bedroom. There were around four/five flashes intermittently and then nothing. I knew that this whole situation was for me, but I had no understanding of what was happening. At breakfast, I asked my daughter what had happened and why did she scream if the girl had gone home. She told me again that the girl had gone home, but this was the doggy coming into her room! Of course….how could I have forgotten the dog?! I asked if the dog still wanted to bite her and she said no, but he was playing with balloons (I hadn’t told anyone about the balloons we used the day before). She continued to tell me that the doggy followed her into our bedroom, then the lights came, picked the doggy up and took him home too.

That was the last night that we had disturbed children. Three weeks later I met Wendy where she said that spirit had been knocking at my door for some time and this was my entry test. My choice, but if I chose the spiritual path, my life would dramatically change. Wendy went on to become my mentor, teacher and one of my lifetime friends.
My life did dramatically change. I have now seen and experienced things that before I would have found unbelievable.
Throughout this change, I had the opportunity to become me. It was Wendy that took my name from Jon to Jonno, and this is how I am known throughout the spiritual side of my life. Now I work with a wonderful healing team and new opportunities keep coming.