Spirit Release / Possession Therapy

Spirit Release/Possession Therapy

Jonno was one of the tight nit team of practitioners who worked with the late Dr Terence Palmer PhD; who was the leading authority on spirit release in the UK. Dr Palmer PhD was an independent psychologist with a degree in psychology, a
master’s degree in the study of mysticism and religious experience and a Doctorate from The University of Wales, Bangor. A member of the Scientific and Medical Network, the Society for Psychic Research and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. He also has a diploma in medical hypnosis as well as being trained in adjunctive hypnotherapy by the Royal Society of Medicine. Jonno worked with Dr. Palmer from 2018 up until his sudden passing becoming an integral part of the team.

Today, Jonno works with his Master Guide – White Hawk. Together they search between 12 and 17 different etheric layers of your body looking for negative energy, Dark Force Entities, Curses, Hexes and all types of negative influence. They also look into past life trauma and soul contracts before working to remove all negative energy and attachments from you.

All clients will receive Grounding work and have their Chakras re-energised and balanced.

You will receive a booking confirmation via email (please check spam folder) and the session will be carried out by Jonno and team remotely on that day. This means that you do not need to be present and you do not need to interrupt your day in any way.

Once your session is completed you will receive a full written report plus a copy of Jonno’s Psychic Protection Protocol.

To close your clearing, you will be included in White Hawks “Dance with fire – Protection Ceremony”.

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  • Full Remote Spirit Release Session
  • Same Day Report by Email