Training / Workshops

Spirit Release Therapy/Spiritual Health Check Training:

Due to the nature of this work, these workshops are run with my friend and colleague Andy Porter. Between us we have years of experience working as Trance Mediums and Psychic Surgeons as well as experienced spirit release/spiritual health check therapists. Training is informal, fun and informative and aimed at mediums who wish to be certified in this field. We run workshops from my hometown of Corsham, Wiltshire UK. We also travel as and when required around the world. For more information on these workshops please contact me.


Trance Mediumship Training:

Jonno is one of the only IPHM certified teachers of Trance, Trance Healing and Psychic Surgery in the UK and his workshops range from introduction to accredited Courses. Jonno runs all his workshops to help the individual achieve a greater understanding and personal development in these disciplines. Jonno’s workshops are always relaxed, informative and fun.


Spiritual Development:

Jonno and his partner Louise run a weekly development circle at the wonderful Equilibrium Natural Health Centre in their home town of Corsham, Wiltshire. For those further afield, you can also register for an on-line course, but these courses are popular and it’s best to register your interest ASAP.


On-Line Training:

Jonno and Louise run 4 weekly courses exploring the disciplines of Spiritual Development with meditations and teachings. As experienced IPHM accredited teachers, they fully understand that each person’s journey is individual, and they place no expectations on anyone. Their classes are carried out in a relaxed, fun and with individual encouragement for each student.