Spiritual Health Check

Spiritual Health Check

Have you ever thought “I’m not feeling myself?” or “Why am I not feeling myself?”. Do you say things that don’t sit right with how you usually speak, feel or think? Do you constantly feel drained and stuck in a downward spiral? Do you feel stress/anxiety and as if you are blocked on your life’s journey? If so, these are classic symptoms of spiritual attachments or psychic attack.

Spiritual MOT

A full “Spiritual MOT” Cleansed on a minimum of 12 etheric layers.

You will receive a booking confirmation via email (please check spam folder) and the session will be carried out by Jonno and team remotely on that day. This means that you will not have to interrupt your day in any way.

Once your session is completed you will receive a full written report plus a copy of Jonno’s Psychic Protection Protocol.

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