I first met Jonno on a development course, we did trance mediumship. Which always scared me. Jonno has this way of immediately making you feel at ease, when you met Jonno you will understand what I mean as he is one of the nicest, kindest souls I have met. I actually really loved the trance and it is due to my experience that Jonno gave me. I have also done healing with Jonno again as above explained everything so good and puts you at ease and nothing is too much trouble. He is a wonderful teacher/mentor. If your thinking of having healing or teaching with Jonno do it, you won’t regret it. He really is a wonderful person who is very passionate about spirit and passionate about helping others xx


I recently met up with Alfie Hurly for a catch up. I was thinking beers, chat and laugh but little did I know he was about to change my life instead. Through my constant negative thinking, pain of life struggles, grief and the emotional rolla coaster I’ve been on, the spiritual clearing he and Jonno performed on me has given me a clear and concise mental picture. I found their work to be incredible. Wow thanks lads, my protection is up and glowing


Teaching Jonno offers an exceptional opportunity to further develop all levels of your healing in a safe and controlled environment. His teachings have allowed deeper connections with both my guides and clients. The combination of energies when receiving a treatment from both Jonno and Louise allowed me to stop both my tinnitus and dramatically reduce the headaches I was suffering from. Both are very inspirational people, whom I would highly recommend for both the receiving of treatments and for the passing of their knowledge to their students. Two really great people. A pleasure to learn from.


I have now had two sessions of healing with Jonno. Both times were an absolutely amazing experience and I was amazed at what I felt during and afterwards. I feel liberated and cannot recommend him enough. Thank you xx


Jonno Webster is a truly amazing and inspirational Reiki Healer and teacher. I approached Jonno some years ago now for healing when I was going through a stressful time in my life and from the first visit, felt amazing results. I had so much more energy and felt a sense of well being, I felt so much more balanced and positive in my thinking…so much so that I decided to ask Jonno to teach me too! It’s been an incredible journey and am so looking forward to be taking my Reiki Master with him this year! I encourage anybody who is interested in either receiving healing or to take their own Reiki Healing journey to contact Jonno.


Had my first healing session with Jonno and Louise yesterday and it was beyond amazing! I came away feeling so light and happy and relieved! Looking forward to my next session already! Thank you both so much xxx


I saw Jonno at a demonstation of trance and I was blown away and knew this was my next spiritual journey. I joined Jonno’s group in Cwmbran studying trance healing. He has a great gift! His insight and interpretation through his teaching is mesmerising and I look forward to our monthly meetings.


I met Jonno a few weeks ago at a trance mediumship workshop that he was taking. After taking this lesson i learned about what Jonno did as a reiki healer. He was so passionate about his work i immediately was amazed and recommended him to my mum who had one of Jonnos treatments. She was blown away by how amazing she felt afterwards and also how comfortable she felt with Jonno and Louise who was also with him. She will definitely be booking another appointment with you guys. We cant thankyou enough. A massive recommendation to anyone who is thinking of having this treatment as its brilliant. THANKYOU AGAIN.


Have just completed Jonno’s Trance Healing Workshop. What a brilliant day with brilliant people. Working safely with all the light and goodness of healing. Relaxed and unpressured. I appear to have a crazy left hand Absolutely recommend this class to anyone wishing to futher their spirituality or healing practice.